Why I love “Magic Hour”

June 9, 2019
Well well well, look what we have here! Finally some sort of blog post from me! I know, I know. Its been a while. Trust me I know. It has definitely been a good hot second. I wanted to just take the moment to tell you about this magical time that happens EVERY SINGLE DAY. Its not magical in the way where people get magical powers or you can somehow communicate with the dead. (For those of you who are following what I am talking about, I am so in to go watch a scary movie!)
You know that time of day where (at least here in the super and I mean SUPER hot state of beautiful Arizona), where the sun is in the perfect position, and you have suddenly entered into the ending of that romantic movie? You know the one where they ride off into the sunset? Yep that’s the time of day I am talking about! That magical time of sunset!
When I am scheduling a shoot, you best believe I will tell you why I think sunset is THE BEST time of day! It is the best time to capture some really amazing pictures, and dont let me get started about that golden hue that it gives people! This time of day is ideal because of the sun not being too harsh, and being positioned in a way where I can move you around and not have the picture competently whited out because it is just so darn bright out!
ย So what is Golden Hour? Why does it sound so magical?
The golden hour is around the first hour of light after sunrise, and the last hour of light before sunset. It is important to understand this is never exact, because it depends on the season (this is why I like to use the Magic Hour app.). During this time frame, the sun is low in the sky, which causes a soft and glowing golden light.ย  I usually recommenced shooting at sunset because most peeps hear what time the sun rises and dont like that its so early. Now, if you want to shoot at sunrise I AM SO IN! I am a morning, afternoon, and night kind of person!
Whatโ€™s So Desirable About The Golden Hour?
The golden hour is the most desirable time to photograph because warmer tones are more flattering on people. The low light adds power, beauty and quality to your images, which every photographer wants to achieve.
So that’s that for now I guess. You will defiantly be hearing your inner voice acting as mine in the future. I have so many things planned for this summer, and I am so excited to give everyone all the deets! Stay tuned! If you haven’t already, sign up for the email list! Be the first to know when I post anything!