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Growing up in an travel family with my mom from Switzerland and family still there and my dad Jamaica, travel was always a huge part of my life, something that felt natural to me, and easily became a passion of mine. When I started my business, travel quickly, and naturally, became apart of it!

There are few things I love more than sharing my favorite places with people.

Watching them experience the places I love so much, landscapes that blow your mind away, experience cultures + different ways of life, and fully be immersed in everything our diverse planet has to offer lights me up.

Below is my travel schedule - it is updated fairly frequently, however, it can change easily, especially to add a date! If you see your location + month in alignment with my schedule - awesome! We might be extra meant to be ;) BUT, if you don’t see your location, or you see I’m in other places for your month, don’t fret! I’m always adding to + adjusting my schedule to make it all happen, so shoot me a message, and let’s see where we can add you!

Travel Dates

September 2022

Arizona, Texas


Kentucky, Arizona, North Carolina