Monument Valley Elopement | Miranda + Justin

April 24, 2020
Well to start this whole blog/story of our weekend off, wanted to say a huge thank you to Miranda and Justin for saying yes to this crazy idea! I sent them a text not even a week before taking this 6.5 hour drive to see if they would take on the challenge of adventure! I wanted to say an additional thank you to Gabby from Gabby Canario Photography! It was her willingness to say yes, and being able to work on the fly that this weekend was as incredible as it was!
So lets start with this, Gabby and I left the Phoenix area on Friday morning. Loaded with a wicked playlist, some snacks, and a full tank of gas! So On the way up we took quite a few stops! Including a good will where I found this epic leather jacket! I showed gabby this amazing spot
And then proceeded to this on:
And finally at the end of the day, we ended up getting lost on the boarder of Utah about 10 minutes before the cut off to get into our airbnb (it was on a campsite where they had a quite time) We made it with 1 minute to spear! Advice: get there during the day time so you can see stuff!
That night was to put it simple REALLY COLD! It was about 37 degrees and gabby and I were not completely ready for it! Head lamps in hand, we put all of our stuff unto the cabin and went to bed! I want to also add there was no heating in said cabin!
I woke up the next morning about 5 am (thats normal for me) and had to go to the restroom to shower and use it…. the reason I mention this is for this reason, it was in a shared restroom across this campsite! So I ran faster than I have ever ran to this heated restroom! Started the shower and was super excited to have some warm water. Boy was I wrong, the water was colder than it was outside (29 degrees F). That was by far the quickest shower I have ever taken in my life!
So we adventured that day! We went to the Forest Gump hill, we went into monument, and of course saw all the little spots! Warning, if you are going to stay in the town there, everything closes early! Monument Valley is located in a small town on the reservation! So plan food (there is really only fast food there) before they close!
Later Saturday night after exploring with Gabby, we had every intention of hard core camping ( I have never camped and was super excited!) Well, it rained, then snowed. So all in all, we got a hotel room!
Sunday was the day! It had stopped raining and we were up and out by 4:30 am! It was amazing watching the sun rise and chasing the storm! We first arrived at Forrest Gump Hill to watch the sun rise! It was incredible! Followed by the drive through Monument! Here are the pictures:
Amazing Dress: @gracestyleandbridal
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